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Our approach is holistic and develops total wellbeing – mental, physical, emotional, creative and social. Our programmes and services will help you get rid of what you don’t want – stress, fear, limitations, blocks, unhappiness and anxiety and develop the right mindset, tools, strategies and confidence to be at your best.  

Our story

Spiritual Earth is the vision of our CEO and founder, Calodagh McCumiskey, who believes that when people are well they do well and excel in whatever they focus on. After a successful career in international development living and working in four continents, Calodagh is now committed to helping companies put wellbeing into the heart of what they do so their people and profits thrive.

What we do?

Creating present, engaged, high-performing people and teams.

A Harvard study reports that we are present 52% of the time. Science shows us that 50% of our actions are habitual.

Can you imagine how much more we could all do and be if we could be more present and focussed more of the time and develop more life-affirming resourceful habits?

Spiritual Earth works with creating engaged, motivated people-centred, emotionally intelligent teams who care about each other, their work and results.

We offer bespoke comprehensive programmes that address all pillars of wellbeing physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. All of our services will be tailored to your specific context and address the longterm wellbeing of your people so they and your company thrive.

We are privileged to work with employers from across the public and private sector ranging from Fortune 500 companies, government bodies, entrepreneurs, NGOs and SMEs.

Purpose and values

The most important asset of any company is the people. Stress and lifestyle disease are the epidemics of our time.

We all have a body, mind and purpose in life. When we achieve inner-balance we create the foundation for sustained high performance.

High performing individuals working together collaboratively with trust and respect, are the foundation for thriving companies and communities and contribute to a happier healthy world.

Prevention is better than cure. The rewards of a wellbeing programme have never been greater. The cost of not having one has also never been greater.

We will help you deliver a wellbeing programme that will inspire growth, loyalty and engagement. Everything we do is motivated by our belief that health is wealth. When people are operating at full capacity mind and body and connected to their purpose and engaged in your company, you can only but grow together.

How we work

All of our programmes are bespoke. We will take you on wherever you are on your wellbeing journey and address performance gaps, add value to your team and company whilst growing your relevance and profits.

When people are well they do well and excel in whatever the focus on. Whether you are looking for help to prepare and implement your wellbeing strategy from scratch, or want an employee wellbeing survey to know where you are so that you can plan long-term wellbeing solutions or simply want to do an introductory Wellbeing at Work Programme for all or a specific group of staff, call us and we will help you achieve your wellbeing goals and potential.

Employers need to have a strong wellbeing programme, to attract, retain and grow the right people.

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