About Calodagh 

Calodagh is the CEO of Spiritual Earth and an accredited Master Practitioner in wellbeing, a life coach and corporate trainer.

She has a background in crisis management and worked in emergency response and development programmes in Africa and Asia for the first 14 years of her career, helping people and communities combat the impact of war and natural disasters and rebuild their lives.

‘There is a stress epidemic in the workplace’
– Calodagh McCumiskey

After seeing so many communities around the world overcome all types of disasters — war, floods, drought, tsunamis, earthquakes and epidemics — Calodagh started Spiritual Earth in 2012 to help people and organizations realize their potential no matter what their circumstances. Calodagh won the Network Ireland Wexford solo business woman of the year award in 2023 and was runner up in the national competition. Calodagh was made a fellow of the All Ireland Business Foundation (FAIBF) in 2023.

About Spiritual Earth

Spiritual Earth’s mission: help people connect with their personal power, achieve happiness and professional success

Work is a key part of people’s lives. For many, it is the place they consistently spend most of their quality waking hours. Approximately 70% of people in a recent study said their fake smart watchelf bar 1500elf bar brasovphone cases canadadesigner phone cases managers had the greatest impact on their mental health — on par with the impact of their partner.

Happy, healthy employees are productive employees. Growing awareness around mental health and stress-related illnesses are creating a new challenge — and opportunity — for managers and employees alike.

Have you ever wondered: How do your employees really feel about their work? Are they excited or coasting? How do you promote a work-life balance that helps everyone? How can you make it attractive for people to work in your company? How do you improve employee retention?

Spiritual Earth is here to identify your employees’ strengths, talents and unique qualities. When we develop our potential and find our voice, we have a greater sense of purpose. This is what Spiritual Earth has aimed to bring to employees of companies including Integer, Pfizer, dulann, The National Opera House and Government Organisations like the HSE.

My former career working in disaster zones has prepared me well for situations of challenge and uncertainty

Published in MarketWatch on March 30, 2020 ‘As a society, we are social distancing, but strangely we are also more connected, and it’s all because of this harrowing public-health crisis’ The physical restrictions of [...]

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