Meditation is the ultimate tool for self-understanding and growth. It brings heightened awareness of yourself, the people around you and your environment.   Self-awareness and being grounded in reality are fundamental to success.  Meditation brings both and allows you to step back and connect with your authentic self, so you can step up and take positive action in the world.

At Spiritual Earth, we have experienced the power of meditation as a driver for personal wellbeing, growth and transformation through the tremendous positive change we have seen it make in our clients’ lives. Our clients have experienced improved health, patience, joy, focus, relaxation and sleep. They have overcome many challenges that stress brings including anxiety, depression, sleep problems, inability to concentrate and physical tension in the body. They have a greater sense of purpose and are more present, calm, connected and aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  They have more confidence and are able to communicate more authentically and clearly. Their relationships with themselves and with others have improved. Everyone experiences unique and multiple benefits of mind, body and spirit. We teach a range of practices to suit different moods, mindsets, goals and lifestyles.

Upcoming programmes & classes

Meditation & Mantra
Join us on Zoom for meditation and mantra – and learn powerful practices that will help you relax, recharge and reconnect. Three classes weekly (two evening and one morning), will help you quickly establish a strong meditation practice in a supportive environment. The classes are led by Calodagh McCumiskey, a wellbeing specialist who has been practicing meditation daily for over 12 years.

Mantra meditation is my favourite practice. Through the sound, I find silence within‘ – Calodagh McCumiskey.

When: Every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm (GMT+1) and every Sunday at 7am. The class is suitable for all levels.
Price: €25 per month.

Relaxation Hour
Place yourself in the hands of our meditation expert for one hour each week and learn to switch of, relax, and slow down for restorative sleep.

Join us on zoom to calm your mind, and experience peace, rejuvenation and connection mind, body and spirit.  The sessions are led by Calodagh McCumiskey, a wellbeing specialist who has been practicing meditation daily for over 12 years.

When: Every Monday evening at 7.30pm on Zoom. The class is suitable for all levels.
Price: €25 per month.

The Meditation Experience – 1:1 Meditation Classes with Calodagh

This is the perfect programme for anyone wishing to learn and experience the powerful benefits  a regular meditation practice brings.

Run for one hour each week, over four weeks at a time of your choice, you will learn and experience different styles of meditation that will help you reduce stress and be happier, more focused and productive. You will also experience connection, relaxation and rejuvenation, mind, body and spirit.  If you have any specific issues related to stress, lack of vitality, or sleep that you wish to address, the sessions will focus on related solutions.

Over the years, we have helped clients achieve remarkable results after 2 – 3 sessions. As part of the programme, Calodagh will help you design a practice that you can easily integrate and maintain in your daily life to suit your mindset, goals and lifestyle. Practicing different types of meditation with an experienced teacher will enable you to quickly know what type you like the best, what works for you and what other people are talking about when they speak of mindfulness, TM and breathing meditation or mantra etc.

The programme will be run over Zoom (or in person if circumstances permit) at mutually agreed times.  The sessions will be led by Calodagh McCumiskey, an accredited thought leader in wellbeing who has been practicing meditation daily for over 12 years.

When: One hour each week at a time of your choice (session can be done early morning, evening, during the work day or over the weekend)
Cost: €300 (4 sessions)

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