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What do all highly successful people have in common? Whether they are playing at the top of their game in business, sports, motivational speaking or any other arena of life, they all have a mentors.

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. — Bob Proctor

Our mentoring clients come from different backgrounds and with different objectives. Some are looking to destress, sleep better and achieve balance. Others are more interested to boost focus, productivity and get better results in their life. Some want a combination.

Who we work with?
Through corporate mentoring we help business leaders achieve better results and a work life balance that enables them to thrive. We also work with staff to help them effectively manage stress, focus and be more productive in their professional and personal lives. In other cases, entrepreneurs and individuals hire us directly.

If you know that more or better is possible for you or your team, contact us to make this happen.

Corporate mentoring can be done on-site or at a convenient location.

The turning point for my business came in the last 3 years when I hired a business mentor. Calodagh has helped me identify and implement critical changes that have enabled us (a team of 8) increase our net profit by over 40%.


Business Owner / Manager
Since first meeting Calodagh three years ago, I have found her to be profoundly helpful in managing both my business and personal affairs. Since then, I regularly consult her for strategy around career decisions, work-life balance and relationships. Every time, I leave with a great sense of clarity, insight and practical steps to take.


Business Woman
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