The importance and role of a good personal mentor

If you feel you are not fully living the life you want, or being who you want to be, the support of a good mentor can be invaluable.    

You cannot see all of yourself at any point or in any situation. No matter how closely you look and how present you are as you do so, you will only attain a partial view at best. If you have any baggage, it is even more difficult to see yourself objectively and to know your strengths, areas for improvement and how you can get the best out of life and yourself.  

Recently a client came to me and was deeply unhappy in himself. He was busy and totally unfulfilled. After a few minutes, the key cause of his unhappiness was very evident. He was spending very little of his time engaging in what mattered most to him. Happiness comes when your mind and heart are engaged in what you are doing. Success comes when you are grounded in reality and confident. A good personal mentor can help you achieve both.  

We have different areas and things we deem important in life. To thrive overtime, all need to be in the right balance and problems addressed. 

Over the years, I have had many conversations with people about ‘success’.  Some believe it is not possible to be  highly ‘successful’ in the world and have a fulfilling personal life. While it is difficult to achieve this inner and outer balance and while it has a price in terms of being totally self-honest and committed to what you do and who you want to be, the support of a good mentor can go a long way to helping you make this happen for you.  

Key ways in which a mentor can help you:

  1. They can help you understand what is important to you and make a plan to get the important things ‘right’.  
  2. The can help you minimize the distractions so you can focus on what you want.  
  3. He or she can help you develop self-awareness and see how you are helping yourself and how you are doing the opposite in different situations. 
  4. They can help you see and solve your problems. 
  5. They can be an honest broker – So many of us see ourselves the way we want to be or we focus on the parts we don’t like or aren’t happy about –  But we don’t often see things as they are nor do we see ourselves as we are.
  6. They can help you destress and overcome fears and anxiety.   
  7. They can help you learn the lessons and enjoy a life in which learning and growth are part of your everyday experience. This attitude will always put ‘failure’ in perspective.   
  8. They can help you in all areas of life – and not just one. Achieving in one area to the cost of others might bring the appearance of success but will not bring happiness or fulfilment in the long-term. We all have a personal, home, social and professional life. True success is when all are working well and in balance. 
  9. The can also help you see beyond the ‘it’s because I’m …. or its because they are’  or being stuck in the blame game and understand how you are limiting yourself. 
  10. They will help you see beyond your unrealistic expectations.  

Ultimately, the can help you create and live a life that is exciting, challenging and fulfilling in the right measure for you. And they will show you how to think and act in a way to make that happen day to day.  

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