Workshop: Meditation for mind, body, heart and soul – November 30


One day workshop, includes relaxation recording, mini manual, and light snacks on the day

A Harvard study says the average person is in the present about 52% of the time (ie our minds are focused on what we are doing). Being present is by degree. We can be present by mind and we can be present by heart. When we are present by mind and heart, we are ‘engaged’ in what we are doing. When we are connected to our soul, we naturally create and live a life that feels authentic and brings meaning and joy.  And when our body feels alive, every part of us is connected and there is no room for doubt or anything but fully living and experiencing.

Modern life is busy – full of stress and many weapons of mass distraction. Stress, worry, fear and too much time on screens can keep us in our heads, the past, and the future. When this happens, joy goes.

Imagine how much more we could all be, do, feel and achieve if we could be more present, engaged and fully alive more of the time.

This workshop will prepare you to learn practices that will help you be present in all ways so you can bring your complete and best self, mind, body, heart and soul to all situations you choose to be in.

Meditation has many powerful benefits. It brings self-awareness. It takes you on a journey to inner-peace as you face and address what is not working for you. Many highly successful people use the ‘secret weapon’ of meditation. Oprah, Tony Robbins, Marc Benioff (founder of SalesForce), Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn) and Ray Dalio (the most successful hedge fund manager in the world) to name a few are all champions of daily meditation. They do it because it makes them more productive, visionary, happy, balanced and better able to solve and handle life’s problems.  A good practice can bring you to the highest levels of fulfillment and achievement.

Different styles of meditation suit different people. Through this workshop, you will learn a range of practices that work for you and that will rejuvenate you mind, body, heart, and soul.

The program will be lead by Calodagh McCumiskey who has been practicing daily meditation for over 10 years and teaching for 7. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has taught meditation to people from all walks of life – from corporates to NGOs and individuals and all ages from retired to school children.

Book here to join us for an amazing journey within that will revitalise you, mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Saturday, November 30th, 10:00-4:30pm

Spiritual Earth, Allied Hub

Price: €75
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