Workshop: Reboot. body, mind, heart and soul – September


Live your best life 

The average person is present by mind, about 52% of the time. There are no figures for how much of the time we are present by mind and heart but most likely significantly less.

The auto-pilot, fear, life’s knocks and shocks, conditioning, past trauma, numbness, and other stress responses all take their toll and prevent us from being fully present mind, body, heart and soul.

In this workshop, you will learn and experience what it feels like to be simply ‘present’ on all levels and how to achieve this more regularly in your daily life.

Imagine how much more we could all be, do, achieve and feel if we could be more fully present and engaged in what we are doing.

This workshop will incorporate various mindfulness, meditation and relaxation practices. Participants will develop a new understanding of their blocks and what is holding them back, and learn how to let go of the old habit patterns that are stopping them from connecting to what is and reaching their potential.

Uncover new levels of vitality, peace, confidence, conection, motivation and joy.

‘The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up’. Paul Valery

Saturday, September 21st: 10-5:3pm
Sunday, September 22nd: 10-4pm

Spiritual Earth, Allied Hub

Price: €250

Calodagh, Thank you for the most beautiful, restorative weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed learning in such a peaceful, encouraging space and I took so much from the experience.

Niamh, Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher that participated in our July Reboot, Mind, Body, Heart, Soul weekend

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