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When you show staff you care through having meaningful wellbeing programmes they will feel supported and valued. Six out of ten employees are more likely to stay with a company that cares about their wellbeing.  (IBEC)

Our consultancy work can range from a few hours work to help you think through, plan or implement a new wellbeing initiative to designing and implementing a comprehensive wellbeing at work programme for all staff. All of our services are bespoke and specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

Key areas of consultancy
Exploration phase
Our initial wellbeing assessment of your company can be brief or more comprehensive depending on your requirements. We review the current wellbeing status and gaps through various means including our own online anonymous staff wellbeing survey as well as a review of your current wellbeing programme and benefits. We also share the best practices of what has worked for other clients, your industry and the wider world.

Our company specfic staff wellbeing survey gives important insights into your employees’ wellbeing habits, gaps, needs, goals and self-identified stress levels as well as their perceptions of the existing company culture. 

We work with you to develop a wellbeing strategy tailored to your company’s priorities. This process includes an assessment, strategy development, planning of goals and delivery of targeted initiatives to ensure time and resources invested have the optimal impact, as well providing the ongoing support necessary to transform the culture and mindsets and give regular inputs to sustain positive change.

Wellbeing solutions
We identify no-cost, low-cost and higher-cost solutions to support and boost staff wellbeing. We will give you important insights into staff wellbeing and help you create a programme that will enable your staff realise their potential. We can support you in any area of wellbeing and provide solutions that bring lasting positive change in terms of staff wellbeing and organisational profits and growth. 

Workplace wellbeing day or week
We offer a one-stop-shop service to deliver your first or annual employee wellbeing programme. We will arrange speakers and support on all key areas of wellbeing most relevant to your staff. This includes for example nutrition, financial planning, holistic therapies (reflexology, massage, relaxation sessions, yoga and meditation) and mini workshops for total wellbeing. We cover a range of topics from ‘wake-up rejuvenated’ to ‘developing positive habits’ and ‘feeling energised – mind, body and spirit’.

The process
We start this process with a meeting to discuss, understand and identify your health, wellbeing and performance challenges, gaps, needs and goals. From there, we will develop a step-by-step map and plan showcasing the various solutions that will help you and your team achieve your wellbeing potential. 

A well-functioning team is made up of well individuals. In a poorly-functioning team, the total is less than the sum of the parts. In a high-performing team, the sum of the parts is significantly greater than what the individual members add up to. Teamwork and connection bring growth and expansion.

We all experience problems at work every day. Problems get solved when people get along. They don’t when they don’t. Spiritual Earth specialise in team wellbeing. A strong team is made up of high-performing individuals that work collaboratively and respect and trust one another.

Making 1 + 1 = 11
We offer team wellbeing programmes that take people through a step-by-step process to build strong fundamentals for individual wellbeing, a culture of respect, responsibility and excellence and a strong team that makes 1 plus 1 equal 11. Emotionally intelligent people care about each other, their work, clients, partners and results. We will help you build such a team. As each team is unique, we will tailor a process to help your team realise their potential.

The process
Our team wellbeing programmes can be targeted at departmental teams (finance, human resources etc) or to groups of team leaders or managers. We can deliver team wellbeing sessions as one-off programmes or at regular intervals throughout the year depending on your goal. We also provide periodic bespoke wellness newsletters, follow up materials and recordings to keep people engaged, motivated and inspired throughout the process.

We have a comprehensive range of wellbeing modules that will prepare your staff to boost all pillars of wellbeing including:

  • Physical: exercise, breathing, diet, sleep and relaxation
  • Mental: focus, learning, meditation and positive thinking 
  • Emotional: ability to solve their problems and focus on what they want rather than what they do not want
  • Social: enjoy a good relationship with themselves and others
  • Financial: achieve financial balance
  • Spiritual: being connected to what brings meaning and purpose to their lives and knowing how what they do contributes to the vision and work of your company
  • Creative: boosting creativity, innovation, original thinking and problem solving abilities

We help people develop a mindset that focuses on solutions, innovation, positivity, teamwork and results. Our workshops help people understand themselves better so they find and maintain balance in work and their personal lives and sustain focus and high-performance in the long-term.

Popular modules
Our wellbeing at work modules can be tailored to all staff or specific groups and delivered over a one-hour, two-hour, half-day or one-day programme. Our most popular modules include:

  • Focus
  • The road to wellbeing, happiness and high-performance
  • How to develop and sustain positive habits 
  • From stress to success
  • Building resilience
  • Leading and handling change effectively
  • Improve your intelligence 
  • Leadership mindset – leading empowered high-performing teams 
  • 1 + 1 = 11, team wellbeing
  • Sleep soundly and wake rejuvenated
  • Wellbeing for shift workers
  • Meditation and mindfulness at work 
  • Feel energised mind, body and spirit

The process
We believe in delivering value for clients. Results are optimal and sustained when programmes are bespoke, targeted, planned, assessed and followed up regularly. We work closely with all stakeholders throughout the process to ensure maximum engagement, transformation and results. The only constant in life is change and our programmes are responsive to the changing needs of your team. We generally start with an introductory wellbeing workshop for one group or the entire staff population and deliver further modules and phases of the programme based on feedback, survey results and discussions with management and staff. Throughout, we ensure we are always addressing the needs and goals of your team, closing gaps and helping you realise your organisational potential. 

We offer bespoke plans that uniquely address the wellbeing needs and goals of your executive team. Our programmes bring self-awareness, inner and outer balance, focus, true confidence and personal wellbeing mind, body and spirit. We teach a range of meditation, mindful and relaxation practices that help people slow down, pause, reset, de-stress, relax, focus and sleep better while taking stress out of their mind and body.

Personal growth supports company growth
We help clients boost their concentration power and achieve inner balance so they can rise to even greater challenges as their career progresses. We help clients discover themselves and understand how they can get the best out of themselves.

The process
We meet with your executive team on a 1:1 basis at regular intervals during the year. We help each of them develop a personal wellbeing plan and provide ongoing support and inspiration through periodic bespoke wellness newsletters, relevant follow up materials and recordings of meditations and relaxation sessions most suitable to their mood and mindset. 

Our wellness experts are highly experienced in all aspects of training, speaking and content delivery.

Speaking engagements
If you are looking for a motivational speaker to address your staff, partners or clients on any area of wellbeing, get in touch and we will tailor a plan for your audience and purpose that is practical, memorable, motivational and inspirational.

Trainings, written content and webinars
We deliver content related to all areas of individual and team wellbeing for different target groups. Sessions and documentation can be tailored to suit your management team, the general workforce, groups of team leaders or specific departments.

Popular modules include:

  • From stress to success
  • Building resilience
  • Fix your body clock
  • Leading empowered high-performing teams
  • Mindfulness at work
  • The road to wellbeing, happiness and high-performance

We will create an exciting and engaging speaker or training plan specifically targeted to your audience and outcomes.

The process
We will help you develop a speaker plan and provide powerful speakers who will inspire wellbeing and high-performance, match your brand and company vision whilst being practical, engaging, inspirational, motivational and memorable for your audience. 

So many highly successful people use the ‘secret weapon’ of daily meditation. Oprah, Tony Robbins, Marc Benioff (founder of SalesForce) and Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn) to name a few are all champions of meditation. They do it because it makes them more productive, visionary, creative, happy, balanced and better able to solve and handle problems.

Stress and lifestyle disease are the epidemics of our time. Inability to focus, concentration disorders, anxiety, depression and other symptoms of stress are all hampering peoples’ performance and bringing them further out of balance with themselves and their lives. When out of balance, people often take short cuts to just keep going and deliver. They rely on less sleep, sugar, coffee, distraction, addiction and other unhealthy habits to keep the show on the road. Invariably, overtime this results in problems like burnout, severe stress, anxiety and difficulties in relationships and maintaining focus and can even drive people to leaving a company they once loved or underperforming in a job they once excelled in. Both the employee and employer and everyone they are connected to lose in this scenario.

Bringing you the best of ancient wisdom and modern science
Spiritual Earth teaches a range of meditation, mindful and relaxation practices to help you restore your inner balance whatever your mindset and mood. We teach the best of ancient and oriental wisdom validated by modern science, giving insights, tools and practices that will have even those that think they will never be able to meditate enjoying the experience of a calm, clear and peaceful mind.

There are many solutions that can prevent/minimise unhealthy stress, anxiety and related mental health problems. They can even solve and reverse problems of stress at physical, mental and emotional levels.

Through our meditation programmes we will teach your staff to effectively manage stress, focus and achieve inner balance so they can realise their potential. Meditation and mindfulness are also shown to be very successful in boosting leadership and performance.

The process
We offer meditation and mindfulness workshops, 6 week courses or 1:1 sessions to accommodate the needs and availability of your staff. Programmes can be delivered during or outside work hours. We provide our own meditation manual and meditation and relaxation recordings that your staff can use on a daily basis or refer to between sessions. We also provide bespoke periodic wellness newsletters and motivational follow up materials and recordings to further support engagement and consistent practice. 

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.” ―Aristotle

Your success is our success. What makes us different is that our programmes are bespoke, responsive and we are ready to accompany you and your staff every step of the way on the road to developing and sustaining strategies that bring and maintain wellbeing and high-performance. 

We break the mindset, culture and habits of wellbeing, success and excellence down to bite size steps. Regular practice and support brings progress and consistent support and positive change brings transformation. We are there to help deal with any roadblocks along the way. We offer bespoke newsletters, handouts, follow up materials and recordings to ensure your staff have the tools and awareness of actions, changes, habits, approaches and strategies that will help them realise their individual and collective potential. 

We are proud to work closely with our clients to ensure they have what they want and need to thrive. 

The Global Corporate Challenge Report

The cost of presenteeism - where employees show up for work but underperform - is 10 times the cost of absenteeism.

New programmes


Our new 6 week programme ‘Focus‘ launched in January 2019. This programme will help your key staff improve their ability to focus, find balance, effectively manage stress, switch off, and boost intuition, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, happiness performance and leadership, all of which are benefits of meditation and mindfulness. A range of time options are available both during and outside working hours.

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Our 'Balance' programme helps you to create a life in which all of your needs are met, talents developed and you feel alive, fulfilled and joyful. If you want to live life in which you can be and do your best no matter what, get in touch today.

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