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Why Wellbeing at Work?

The world is changing rapidly. Technology, multiculturalism, the global economy and different movements around the world are disrupting and transforming lives in ways we never imagined possible. Everything from the family unit to how we spend our time and how we communicate and connect is dramatically different within a generation. Traditionally business was based 70% on people and 30% on technology. This ratio has flipped placing even greater pressure on the people needed to deliver what the modern workplace demands.

While we cannot control the nature or pace of change, we can control our response to it. When we are still inside,  we can see things correctly, understand what is truly important, solve problems and identify the best opportunities for progress and growth.

Stress is the epidemic of our time with many consequences. 22% of employees in Ireland are stressed all or most of the time at work.    Absenteeism is costing employers €818 per employee. The cost of presenteeism, where employees show up for work but underperform is said to be ten times the cost of absenteeism. Stressed people go around in circles.   Thriving people identify opportunities, innovate, learn, let go, move forward and grow.

Are you ready for change?
What are stress, absenteeism, and presenteeism costing your company in terms of innovation, productivity and growth?

Contact us and we will help you assess your unique situation and implement the right solutions for your organisation.

The ‘Art of Chill’
‘To chill’ is to be free of thoughts, concerns, judgement and as a result limitations.  It is a place of creativity, productivity and growth.   It is a place of being grounded with no restrictions.  It is a place of freedom. For a business leader, and for employees in the modern world it is the ultimate place to be - a place of blue ocean thinking with zero limits or excuses.

Regular visits to ‘chill’ brings awareness, acceptance, the right perspective and enables you to focus your energy for action and results in daily life.

We will help you create and sustain thriving teams that see things coming, meet objectives, appreciate one another and drive growth.   

We will:

  • Help you develop the  inner tools to best respond to the different forces of change operating in the modern world – including technology, political, cultural and economic
  • Work with you to Identify the invisible choke points holding you back at company, team and individual level
  • Provide solutions and ongoing support for you and your team to have the right perspective, culture and mindset to achieve objectives in the short, medium and long-term. Right thinking and right action always leads to the right result.

Employee happiness has been shown to boost productivity

The average employee is interrupted from their work 56 times a day and spends two hours a day recovering from interruptions

22% of people in Ireland are stressed all or most of the time at work

18.5% of Irish people have a mental health disorder (OECD)

The average person is mentally focussed on what they are doing 52% of the time (Harvard Study)

High-performing employees are known to take breaks throughout the workday

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