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Spiritual Earth empowers team members to be clear, motivated and at their best and bring the best out in each other in a rapidly changing, exciting and at times challenging world.

Through survey, research and consultation, we identify the invisible barriers to productivity and engagement and offer bespoke solutions to boost growth in a sustainable way for different staff groupings.

We give people the inner-tools to identify, lead, drive, manage and implement change, effectively manage stress and achieve ‘chill’. This prepares them to focus and take action related to what is truly important in a fast paced world with many weapons of mass distraction.

We are proud to work with employers from across the public and private sector ranging from fortune 500 companies working in manufacturing, pharma and technology, to Government organisations,  Chambers of Commerce, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and NGOs .

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Founder & CEO

Calodagh McCumiskey is a wellbeing specialist, mentor and meditation teacher. She is the founder and CEO of Spiritual Earth established to help companies boost employee wellbeing, productivity and growth. Calodagh’s work through Spiritual Earth is driven by her belief that when people are well they do well and excel in what they focus on. Spiritual Earth are proud to work across all major employment sectors including with Fortune 500 companies, government bodies, entrepreneurs, NGOs and SMEs on their 'Wellbeing at Work' programmes. Spiritual Earth also specialise in mentoring and meditation and offer wellbeing programmes to schools. Calodagh is on the training panel for a number of Chamber of Commerce Skillnets in the East and South East Ireland.


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The art of finishing

What has wellbeing got to do with completing things you may wonder? They are perfectly related and here’s why. When people have a lot of things going on and pending, their minds tend to be full rather than clear and focussed. A busy mind is…

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Are you too busy? Think again

In the same way that entrepreneurs are encouraged to reflect and act on the concept of working on the business versus working in the business, we can all benefit from giving quality time to ‘working on ourselves’ rather than being busy ‘doing, doing, doing’ all the time.  Keeping…

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Just do it

For the most part, we know what is good for us and what to do to improve ourselves and our situation. If you want to lose weight, eat less. If you want to get fit, exercise more. There are of course finer points to what works….

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European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

22% of employees in Ireland experience stress at work “always” or “most of the time”. The proportion that “always” experience stress was the third highest in Europe.

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